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Thank you for visiting the Nilson~Watterson Genealogy website. It has been awhile since we have updated or worked on the website. A different forum interface has been installed that is more user-friendly. PLEASE let me know if you like the way the forum is setup or what changes you think could be done to make it more simple to use. I will also get a guestbook that will actually work. There has been an encreased interest from other genealogist whom have aqcuired more information on the Watterson folk line. Hopefully, NWG can be a nice community here for all to participate in. Be sure to check out The Big Picture.

 Where did it all begin? 

Origins for this leg of the Nilson Genealogy began in Sweden.  The family name began with Persson (Pehrsson) and then changed to Nilson when Lewis Edward Nilson came to America. Click here to read more about the Nilson Family History.

The Watterson's Geneaolgy originated in County of Down, Ireland.  Edward Watterson arrived in America in 1773 where he took part in the struggle for independence with the colonist. Click here to read more about the Watterson Family History.   

 About the Nilson~Watterson Genealogy website

The Nilson~Watterson Genealogy website is based on the lineage of George and Callie (Watterson) Nilson. The website was launched in January 2004;  prior to this time there has been countless hours and years of research to bring what is available to you. Although genealogical research is a time consuming and worthwhile venture, efforts are being made to verify the information here within. This checkmark will be placed next to information or an individuals name that has verifiable sources.

Please contact us if you have any information that can be used to verify, clarify, and expand the Nilson~Watterson Genealogical website.

Thank you

 Navigational Information

Personal information for each individual is located next to their name on the Surname Index page. The information is composed as such:

  • Pedigree
  • Biography
  • Personal History

All links to each person's information begins with their individual Pedigree page.  Every personal history page has links to each of the three main pages, Pedigree, Personal History, and Biography.  These particular links are in drop down menu boxes adjacent to the perspective name.

Follow the History link to learn about a family's history and coat of arms.


If you have any information to offer or have an inquiry concerning an individual please feel free to contact us at NilsonWattersonGenealogy or leave feedback on the Contact page.

 Thank you and enjoy the site.

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